Cute handmade food, sweets rings (Kawaii floating rings), earrings, pendant, cell phone charms, tie-tac, pins etc. SouZou means Creation Through Imagination. ****2012. March 10, 2012 Etsy Finds picked Kawaii Floating Ring Steak With Veggies And Sauce Miniature Food Jewelry on "Incredible Non-edibles". ****2012.February 16,2012 blogged about "Kawaii Food Ring Coffee French Toast Miniature Food Jewelry" on Zjeść ciastko i mieć ciastko pierscionek souzou ****2012. February 8, 2012 CNN blogged about my sushi ring on Sushi feeds a passion for crafting Eatocracy - Blogs ****2011.November 23, 2011 Beer Ring Bagel Sardines ( ) is blogged at The Huffington Post. "Dylan Kendall The Joy of Miniatures ". ****2011.September 29, 2011 Japanese Green Tea Cup Ring is blogged at / vrouw "Om op te eten - Blogs | Altijd op de hoogte van het laatste nieuws met [Pluusje]" ****2011.Tuesday, September 27, 2011 On National Pancake Day, Etsy Finds featured Our Pancake Ring in "The Breakfast Club - Pancake Pandemonium " . ****2011.Sep.Freshhome.Com ~ Interior Design Ideas, Home Design Ideas, Interior Decorating and Architecture Inspiration blogged about our ring.
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